Charles Dickens House and The Foundling Museum

After a quiet start to the month itchy feet hit and we were ready to add some flesh to watching and reading we are doing on the Victorians.  So we headed to London to explore Charles Dickens House and The Foundling Museum.
Both were lovely places if not the most child friendly. My friend’s 8 yo wasn’t really engaged by much of it but the older two really seemed to enjoy it.  I think the ability to read the displays and trails helped plus of course familiarity with the Dickens’ stories. 
The lady behind the desk in the Dickens Museum was really lovely.
The things that stick out were the tokens in the Foundling Museum, we found one engraved to a ‘Stephen Large’ had to wonder if an ancestor.  The names given to some of the children caused much amusement.  There was a William Shakespeare, a Julius Caesar, Francis Drake and even a Robin Hood and a Little John.
Mis Havisham’s wedding dress and a hedgehog in the kitchen stick out at the Dickens’ house.  The contrast between Dickens’ huge writing desk and the tiny writing table used by Jane Austen was striking.

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