Freestyle Crafting

Morning was a procrastinating type of morning but Maths, English, Latin and Spanish did get done eventually.  We also read more about Dicken’s life and the Shang Dynasty and watched an episode of Victorian Pharmacy.
After lunch we had our first DIY group of the year, working on the skill ‘Cardboarder
We provided scissors, tape, string, other various bits, photos for ideas and lots and lots of cardboard, the instruction to make a piece of art, a sculpture (of an animal if they wanted it for the skill) or a toy.
Sam made a rocket (it started as modern art).

The rocket improved, with what I think is a sword.  There were a lot of weapons made!I asked what this was and was told it was a ‘collaborative project’ which wasn’t that helpful but nice to hear.  Think plane or kite as they were trying to fly it in the garden.

I had a go with one of the art techniques.Was a good session.  It is nice to do more structured projects, learning new skills like the screen printing sometimes.  However lovely to see free flow creativity in action too.  They kept going with the modelling for about 1.5 hrs which I thought was quite some concentration and absorbtion levels.
Board games still having a resurgence in appeal in the house so we spent much of the evening playing Carcassonne, before he indulged in a solitary game of Risk.  Risk hurts my brain – that is a dad game šŸ˜‰

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