How Many Children Can You Fit in a Newspaper Dome?

Seven quite large ones, comfortably, is the answer.  Good job my neighbours are good about the noise 😉

Sam was up bright and early so the day got off to a flier.  English, Latin, Spanish and Maths all done by 10am.  He looked at Siberia and we talked about differences in taiga and tundra and where in the world might have each.  Also the new word of the day was archipeligo as he ooked firstly at Japan but then looked for others.  We finished reading a lovely book about Dickens and Sam wrote a short biography on his blog while I prepped the room for science.

After lunch, over which we watched Victorian Farm, friends joined us for science.
After the success of the bridges this time decided to stay with structures and we moved on to domes.
They started making shapes out of straws and paper clips to decide the strongest.
Then rolling up and cutting newspaper poles to build a dome.
Which lasted all of 8 mins before it was ripped apart and turned in to tug of war and swords.

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