Spinny Chair Fun

I had a big work project come to a pinacle at the weekend meaning there was a lot of sitting at the computer.  Made me realise how uncomfortable it was using a dining chair at the computer, add in the fact I realised yesterday that I had 7 children at our house this afternoon for an activity and only 6 chairs.  So it was a make use of Argos quick delivery to get a spinny chair delivered this morning.
The excitement of the chair meant that Sam was up washed, dressed and breakfasted a good half hour earlier than usual 🙂 Maths, English, Latin and Spanish were easily finished by 10 am.  So we set to work building.  Well I tightened screws, Sam is quite capable of following the instructions now.  I have trained him well.  Also took the opportunity to lower the seat on the trip trap chair to make it usable by 11yo.
Then he span – a lot. With time to spare before lunch I read an adaptation of Bleak House aloud while Sam made something from the Qixels.

After lunch a small group of friends joined us for some science.  We are hoping eventually to work on the Crest awards but for now it’s a bit of fun and getting them used to the group work needed.  Only taken us 4 months to sort out actually meeting.
We with welding with chocolate to test girders.  The first job was to devise a way to hold the joints as they set from what they could find in the conservatory.  Most built a lego contraption.

The dodgy looking one (the boys) held nearly 700g, the next 5kg and the next two held the 5kg and stayed in tact.  So we tried lightest person – unsuccessfully.   Given knex to build a bridge they decided on towers, cars, glue guns, anything but, however they had fun.
Jack arrived home, just after everyone had left, complaining of feeling rotten.  Spinning about and using my chair for transport claiming he was Davros did seem to cheer him up though 🙂

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