Write Off Day

It is a long time since we have had one of those.  But hey ho they happen to us all. 
I woke up with a sick headache which was not a good start.  Took two coffees before I could move properly.  Then the printer really didn’t like the card I was using to print off stuff for the day’s home ed group session.  Sam’s work didn’t go well as instead of sitting with him calm and helpful I was sat on the floor ranting at the printer.
There came a point where we cut our losses and decided to follow the whim for new colouring pens for the HE group and nip into town to buy some, pay for a trip that was hanging over me (needed bank transfer and I’ve no idea what my online banking passcode is, never got in to using it) and get a birthday cake for a friend since I obviously wasn’t going to have time to make one.
Frustrations didn’t end there as we missed the bus by seconds and then mislayed bus ticket as I was getting on bus so had to pay again for the return journey.  Meant another meal eaten on the go while I packed up for the group.
Group was lovely.  No photos as I was busy constructing a dragon puppet, playing parachute games and worrying that there was no one about in the office so I had no way of locking the hall on departure.  
Stresses continued in a minor way at home, work and HE related – I so wish people would read messages properly! Oh and FB would have events where you can set it that people have to be approved before being registered as ‘going’, has to be a better system for limited numbers events. 

We did manage a bit of ‘work’ in the evening.  A Chinese take away, for Chinese New Year.  Sam did have a go with chopsticks!

This was the only photo I managed of the day.  Which sums it up neatly. Oh well “tomorrow (or today now) is another day”.


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