And Crash

After yesterday’s huge productivity levels, today we crashed and burned.  It was mainly me off my game.  Feeling very achy.  I was messing about on Facebook (although talking to other HEers) rather than doing what I should have been.  One of my key rules is set aside work and HE admin at 9 and give Sam my time, wasn’t even really admin today, was chatting really, oops.
On the positive side I didn’t have to ask Sam to start work he was self motivated enough to take the initiative and he did well until he knocked the bowl of water he was weighing all over his maths work so we had to dry it out before we could continue – and mop up, there was a lot of water.  I did get a photo before chaos errupted.

I had a parcel to post so I left Sam to get on with his work and went to the post office.  Now while this is far from the first time I have left him home it is the first time I have left him working, normally I sit very near by or concentration wanders and he’s off jumping about/reading the Beano at first opportunity.  Another small step on the road to independence.

We didn’t achieve masses today but we did enough.  Some days are like that.

After lunch friends came round for Lego play and coffee and the day floated away on various admin/work/tidying up jobs.

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