With a stomach bug in the house last week we’d postponed our science session to this.
Morning was spent on maths, English, latin and Spanish. Sam finished the physical geography section of our unit study on Asia.
Then we spent a bit of time sorting out coins to use as weights for the afternoon and putting away a Tesco shop.
We started watching Victorian Slum and then read a new My Story Factory Girl until everyone showed up.

They started off with a sheet of paper and 5 paper clips and using what they’d learned from the chocolate bridge of a month or so ago made and tested bridges to span a 20cm.  They were encouraged to then improve their designs.  The group was set up with the aim of doing the Crest awards. However as they are very much child led and group work focussed we thought it would be a good idea to build up to the level of cooperation and independence they would need.  But they are clicking and working very, very well as a group. I thought we’d be months to get to the stage I could simply walk away giving them written instructions like I did yesterday, but very pleasantly surprised at exactly how easy they find it to cooperate.  It was watching this particular bunch squashed around a table on a train one day playing games though that was the trigger for the group so not a complete surprise that they are good together just pleased at exactly how good.  Think it might be added to my to do list today to track down our regional Crest coordinator and try and get wheels in motion.

After that they shared their ideas and built a newspaper bridge.  Which held the lightest child (our poor guinea pig) for a few seconds before collapsing. Note the human safety net 😉

Version 2 was an intricate woven affair (with a fair amount of tape!).
It did hold every child in turn!
After 7 children it started to give though so Sam finished off the job.Then a tug of war with the rolled up newspaper began.
While all that was going on the parents were able to have a look at various KS3 books we have between us and discuss how we do stuff at home. We’ve all got current yr 6 or 7 children and all go for relaxed structure so nice to have a chance to chat. I so rarely do!

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