Fasting and Friends

Thursday was a rubbish day really.  Most of morning wasted at an appointment that never happened. I usually try to keep appointments to Fridays/holidays so they don’t mess with our routines but for medical tests you go with what you can get as they trump other stuff.  Can’t look after others if don’t look after myself.  I’d fasted for this test too so wasn’t feeling all that well by the time I cut my losses.
Then despite it not being half term yet in our county the trampolining place was crammed to the rafters with other people’s kids! I escaped to the cafe only to find a party in there making that unpleasant. Plus they don’t sell drinkable coffee.
Productivity not surprisingly low so we end the half term with jobs on our planner which is not what I would want.
Positives of the day were finding out that Sam’s military strategy computer games have given him an unexpectedly good knowledge of world capitals. I got to sit and chat with people I don’t see much of at trampolining. Then I found Sam huddled in a corner with a group of friends that were his good group of friends 5/6 years ago but we haven’t seen that much of for a good few years but you wouldn’t know that from how comfortable they were. Oh and I got a bear hug from my friend’s daughter – with mine not huggy types I have to rely on others for those bone crunching kids hugs.
Days like that happen though and onwards and upwards and all that.


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