Not really sure where this last week has gone. It has not been either restful or productive. One to write off.
Generally lost my mojo and feeling irritated with the world.  Actually not the world, just certain aspects of dealing with Home ed group stuff. 
Work hasn’t gone smoothly, struggled with motivation and found a big problem that can only be blamed on me which, while I think the worst is fixed now, didn’t help mood.

What have we done?

We wrapped up our human body project by reading about death and thinking how evolution might take humans in future.
We built Kinect bridges with friends.
We went in to town to run errands.

There has been baking.  It was my birthday mid week so Sam made a cake.

Lots and lots of DS play after he bought a strategy game for it.
New How It Works Magazine has been devoured and discussed.
There was an animal handling session at the local home ed group.
An afternoon with grandad.

Plus some slumped in front of the tv time watching documentaries about castles and archaeology.

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