Long, Busy but Good Day

Tuesday feels like a week’s worth of posts in one.
Sam embraced the handson Maths that he’d refused to do on Monday with enthusiasm.  We were estimating and weighing small items.

His creative writing project for the week had him making a theatre.  This turned into a lot bigger job than anticipated as he got in to the whole plan and it turned into a design and engineering challenge and took a lot of the morning. Architect has been added to the list of potential careers.

We just had time to test an idea for next week’s home ed group before lunch.  Pleased with it as icing isn’t my ‘thing’.
We didn’t manage to get any of our project work done before lunch with the distraction of theatre and biscuits.  We did watch more of Michael Foot’s Story of China over lunch though.
We wasted a good 10 mins looking for a book after lunch before given up.  Instead I read aloud from our book on Ancient Chinese inventions, this time about war and weapons.  Sam busied himself with a making a terracota warrior from clay.

We spent a bit of time curled up by the fire reading Stories for the Silk Road before Sam settled on to laptop to play and I got on with admin for future home ed group activities.
In the end it was a rush to get out on time for the evening activity.  Which was Stargazing Live, lots of cosmology activities run by Portsmouth Uni at the Dockyard.  I can’t tell you what most of the pictures are as it really doesn’t grab me at all.  Sam was interested though!

I then sat up until nearly midnight on HE group admin.  Exciting plans though 🙂

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