If I was off the boil yesterday today I didn’t reach simmering point.
Never mind!  We got through most of we wanted of a fashion.

Lots of interesting discussion as we were looking at diseases and medicine.  Love just sitting and talking days.  We covered the development of vaccines and penicillan. Talked about how cancer develops, how in spreads and why some are easier to treat and also why it seems much more prevalent now (better diagnosis and less things to kill you first).  We touched on HIV and I explained the whole moral panic of the 1980’s. Malaria and how it spreads.  Pandemics and inparticular the Spanish Flu of 1918 was of interest.  Slightly worried that I will find him awake at midnight stressing, never know with Sam but he’s currently on Plague Inc trying to set up his own pandemic.

We did revise a bit of basic first aid too.

After an early lunch we did Flip Out and wore him out.
At home we finshed off the puppets we were making to retell the Chinese Zodiac story and he did a short performance.  A case of lucky to get anything out of him. 

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