Off on a Tangent

It has been a not staying on task, following up various strands of conversation that have taken us far from where we’ve started and following random urges to try something out, sort of day.  We even left the house on pyjama day as the sun was shining and we wanted some garden canes to make a kite.
Anyway we did Sam’s English first thing and he did some geography while I got dressed and put bin out/washing on. 
Tesco then bought food, while I dealt with that Sam got out his nib pen and ink and wrote a postcard to his penfriend.

When I was eventually sorted we did Maths.  On Sam’s least favourite topic – time.  You’d think it’s the one that you’d just absorb but no. Anyway was managed with low stress.   Spanish and Latin were finished quickly. Apparently he was learning to flirt in Spanish šŸ™‚
We headed out to the village to pick up some supplies from the hardware store and a bakers for lunch.

On getting home there were two police cars in the layby outside and one opposite so something was going on in my terrace.  Having filled Pete in on the gossip (the boys weren’t interested) I meant to curtain twitch but got distracted by Jack who’s new kindle (as in a week old) wasn’t doing what it should.  Spent 10 mins googling and messing round with settings before restarting it.  Which fixed it.  Finally a techy problem I could fix!  Police had gone by now so maybe I will never know.
Sam had made and eaten his lunch  by now.  So I had mine while he found his whittling knife and started work on the kite.  Incase anyone is wondering why it’s because they were used for signalling and dropping bombs in Chinese warfare.  We are reasonably confident that we will get flight when there is enough wind (not a breath today).

We finished off the Shang Dynasty book we were reading and Michael Wood’s Story of China on dvd.  Then the afternoon went in Roblox and a bath if you are Sam and work if you were me.  He did help with a craft.  I wasn’t supposed to be doing crafts I was supposed to be doing something else but hey ho.  Marbling with shaving foam is one of my favourite activities ever.  Love the texture of shaving foam.

I then made 6 batches of biscuit dough for tomorrow’s group session.

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