Our previous visits here hadn’t left me with a favourable opinion so I wasn’t expecting great things when we visited on Weds but we ended up there for nearly 5 hours and really enjoyed it.  Our reason for going was really to treat a friend to a day out as they had never been, and they help us out loads with lifts. 

One of the things I have pulled back on a lot over the years is doing educational trips with groups, unless there is a considerable discount or workshop involved as in a group the ‘education’ side inevitaably gets lost to play.  Not that play doesn’t have a place and sometimes we do stuff predominantly for social/play reasons.  However, we find that Sam and Grace are a very good combination in a museum setting.  Outside of that sort of setting there can be a fair amount of mutual antagonism and almost sibling level insult hurling.  In the right set up though they pair up incredibly well, they are pretty much intellectual equals and rather than distract each other they spark each other off, pointing things out, discussing stuff and help maintain interest. 

Personally one of my favourite things about this building are the original features from it being a courthouse.  The cells are now the toilets.

We spent well over 2 hours in the Titanic gallery.  The court house was not surprisingly the kid’s favourite.

After lunch we did the history of Southampton gallery which I don’t find that inspiring but when you compare to Portsmouth museums is thousands of times better.  Do like the moving stained glass, that is a nice touch. The temporary exhibition was about the story of cruise ships.  Interesting snapshot of how other (richer) people lived!

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