So Many Biscuits

One of my primary aims of this year was for Sam to develop more independence over managing his ‘workload’. Evidence suggests that it is working.  We have routines and he knows where the tasks are noted so more often than not lately he’s just started getting on with stuff.
Which when you are running an activity for about 30 children and want 5 biscuits a child and spares for breakages is a bit of a godsend.
It was a hot morning!  In case anyone is interested this is the recipe I always use if I need biscuits to hold shape and they have the advantage of being quick to bake so good for mass production.  Do chill the dough for a couple of hours though – well worth it.

We were trying different icing techniques.  Sam got some quite impressive hearts and waves.  I gave up on techniques then as they wanted to do their own things.  Always go with the flow.

Mainly as I couldn’t face the cleaning of the floor that going outside would have entailed and it is much easier to tidy up if the children are otherwise engaged, I gave them a length of paper and pens to write ideas for future sessions.  Gave me some laughs but also interesting.  One thing that is becoming apparant is how much this monthly session is coalescing into a group mentality rather than a collection of families.  Children look and listen to me and apart from those supporting younger siblings, parents muck in to help the group as a whole as needed or gossip on the edge.

We spent the rest of the session on playing ‘chair football’.  Good evener out of height, speed and strength so fun for all 🙂  Surprised how many did immediately jump in to play.  Never sure of doing games at home ed groups as does scare some of the quieter ones but they all seem keen at the moment and I am on a quest to sort out a big enough parachute for a large number of older children before the summer.  Oh and reading their wish list balls for dodge ball.

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