Soul Food

After a weekend that makes you wonder why any one ever organises home ed trips, Monday didn’t get off to the best of starts when I got a really shirty email off a place I am organising a trip with making sure I was aware of certain terms and conditions. I won’t go into reasons suffice to say arranging home ed activities would be a lot easier without other people 🙂

Wasn’t the best weekend on record.  Working on Valentine’s Day stuff for work is never my favourite thing and productivity levels were low. Until creative juices started flowing on Sunday afternoon and now have old problem of too many ideas and too little time.  Meant I was trying to work and HE on Monday morning which never works I just do both badly.

Technology was causing issues too and wasted for too much of my weekend on trying unsuccessful fixes.

Other bad part of the weekend was a stomach bug!  Led to the cancellation of the small science session I run from home to avoid passing it on.  Was over it just a bit weak and slightly churning stomach but believe in following 48 hr rule and Jack was (well is) home ill from school with it.

We did make it through our usual core work on Monday morning eventually and finished the left over stuff from last week.  With the afternoon free we caught up on some reading and dvd watching for our history project.  An afternoon reading seemed to be just what I needed, all the irks seem a lot less important now.



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