Taking our Time

Friday was a much better day. 
It started with watching a documentary about conception, Sam was quite disgusted and Pete was sitting at the table cringing and asking if I was sure this was appropriate.  They do make me laugh 🙂
We quickly did English and Spanish.
Maths had us making and using timelines.  Rather than make one of his own life, since we have done that many times, we got down the What on Earth Wallbook and did a question and answer session.  We must be the only home eders to really not like these.  We find there is far too much info on them for us to absorb, neither of us do busy pages.  Looks good on display though but this is probably only the 3rd time we’ve used it in about 5 years.
We had two days worth of Latin to do so we revised every flashcard and then recycled them ready to start a different course after half term as this one isn’t working well any more.  The big pile is the right pile 🙂
It was now about 10 am and the day had reached a crossroads. So I gave Sam the choice, we only had one item left on the list for the day a ‘winter story walk’, which would involve going out, but we did have left over items from Thurs which could be done mostly from sofa.

He opted for out so we headed down the beach.  We talked about what we could see, hear, smell, taste and touch so he could do a descriptive piece when we got home.  We skimmed stones, built stone walls and watched the tide destroy them and paddled.

Sun came out while we were down there so we spent a bit of time geocaching (3 logged).

We were at the village by now so popped in to a couple of charity shops, had lunch in Subway and first ice cream of the year.

I managed to update Pokemon Go while Sam had his ice cream so we did some Pokemon hunting on the way home.

When we got home Sam wrote up his creative writing piece and then played on his kindle.
In the evening I managed to win at All The Kings Men (bit like chess)- twice!  First win ever I think.  After a very rare take away curry I settled down to watch a documentary on the history of archaeology while I did some sewing.  Sam went to bed but got up again (bit unsettled a night for some reason) and watched the documentary with me. 

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