I Can’t Think of a Title

I intended to write a long post about home-educating when you feel low and anxious but mood has picked up during the day and time is running low. 

It was definitely a day for taking it easy.  Sam spent ages on Mathletics playing the problem solving games.  He then decided to start creating a Latin dictionary for himself.  He’s been doing French as well as Spanish on DuoLingo for the last few days. There was more microbit programming.  Sketch Tuesday was an aquarium theme so men getting eaten by giant sharks.  We watched 1900 House and Robot Wars, then chatted while Sam played Roblox and I stitched. 

Clock Change Hang Over

Neither of us cope well with the clock change and spring time.  Sleep patterns go mad, headaches are virtually permanent and we get really moody.  Could feel the switch today, getting any form of concentration out of Sam was hard and every time I let my attention wander from him he was gone.  Feeling exhausted myself and the smell of the grass when I opened the door to tesco triggered a pounding headache and irritated throat, so it has been a real internal battle to keep a lid on my impatience. I think I managed it.  We’ve ended (or close to) the first Monday of the clocks change without anyone crying at any point so that is an improvement on other years.

Been a pottering at home day.  Sam made a story jar and wrote a retelling of the Atlas legend.

We read about health care in ancient China and did some Tai Chi.

Sam played with bubble wrap.  I would have if he’d have shared 😉
Then he programmed his microbit to act as a Magic 8 ball.Researching hw to use his Skylanders on the DS and playing on the computer took up the rest of the day.

Red House Museum

We needed a change of scene on Friday. While it is nice having regular groups, we do like to go places and don’t seem to have had the time lately. Well I like to go places and Sam enjoys it when he is there!

As we’re up in London twice in the next 10 days decided to go somewhere completely different. So we went to Christchurch.  The main motivation was that the museum (Red House) was an old workhouse. However there is also a ruined Norman Castle there which I expected Sam to enjoy more and I was expecting a quaint market town and we love those.

Mixed reactions.  The castle and Norman house were interesting and we should have loved them.  However there was graffiti and loads of litter that rather spoiled them and we moved on quickly. The back streets we walked down were definitely quaint and we even found a replica dunking stool.

The edges of the main area of town had quite a few interesting independent stores and we liked it.  The main town area though had an air of neglect and scummyness that I wasn’t expecting.

Negatives aside we really liked the museum.  Small, friendly and lots to do.  We focused on the Victorian area downstairs but did go up to the prehistory area too.  Spent a surprising amount of time in the fashion gallery too.  I suspect because it is something I know about I can tell hime stuff beyond the cards and in a way that builds links to things he knows.
The gardens would be lovely on a nicer day.  We were a bit taken aback to find dinosaurs among the trees.

We then wandered around the Priory.Before some lunch and window shopping.

A very good day.

Juggling it all

Been a hectic old day of trying to do it all and I am exhausted now so another quick one.

Again I have to say how pleased I am at how Sam has become so independent and focused at managing his own workload.  He is really just getting on with his core work with very little input from me now.

Which is good as I have been balancing work and home ed group responsibilities for much of the day, including meeting with the police to discuss what they can do for us. 

Sam on the other hand has got on with maths, English, Latin and Spanish. I read to him over tea and biscuits and helped to a small extent with constructing a Knex bridge. 

He opted to stay home and see Grandad while I went out to meet the PCSO.  I believe board games were played but by the time I was home it was on to the computer. 

Evening was spent watching the last two episodes of Victorian Bakers.

Time for bed now as falling asleep as I type.

A Short Note

I am not really in the mood to spend long reflecting on home ed today so much more to reflect on.

Positives of the day are Sam just getting on with stuff this morning not taking the excuse of lack of internet and my distraction.  Good habits obviously well ingrained.
Plus another lovely home ed group session.  Lots of Shakespeare and playing in the garden fun had.  I can’t share the photo I took because a friend was centre shot and she doesn’t do photos. So here are some of the crafts.

We did have our first science fail for a while.  Sugar cube arch that I don’t think will ever come off tray and was supposed to be a lot bigger and upright.

As to the rest of the day, while that has been spent watching the news. As you know we nip up to London fairly often, and will continue doing what we always have.  Events like this don’t make me fearful they make me sorrowful, for those whose lives will be forever scarred and for the hate filled reactions in response that will help no one.


Small Pleasures

Been a lovely quiet peaceful day. 

Latin provided fun as he was working out roots of words.  Maths was easier than he expected producing glee.  English showed what huge inroads he has made into writing as he wrote a very competent advert.  And all done by 10.15.

We read for an hour, discussing in detail as we did, from a non-fiction book about the Victorians.  While I did a job about the house Sam read about and wrote a profile on Dr Barnado.  Then read some more about Victorian schools and gave me a verbal narration to summarise.  We got out the slate and he had a go and writing Victorian script and did some extra sums.

We dug out some more Victorian replica bits for a look and then watched Victorian Bakers over lunch.

We then got distracted by looking at my sewing and sharing stories about the different monarchs.We moved on to Sketch Tuesday whichthis week was feathers.  I got into awful trouble for not emailling off last week’s st today’s has already gone! I drew a peacock while Sam did an eagle.  We did print photos to copy.

Sam then programmed one of those touch the wire games on his Microbit.

Finally we read a report about the child we sponsor and checked out where he is.  Then it was over to Roblox and work.

Where Did The Time Go?

One minute we were on target to meet all of our goals by 10.30 next thing I knew it was 12.15 and we needed lunch and to get ready for science group and we still had stuff on the list.  Nevermind it was a nice enough day.

Maths, English, Latin, Spanish, some of Asia unit, reading of our Stories from the Silk Road and some work from our Ancient China activity book.  We were looking at Chinese exploration and made a hanging compass (very successfully) and a junk (less successfully).

After lunch we had science where they made towers and tested their ability to withstand wobbling and ate a lot of jelly and marshmallows.
They then planned a newspaper tower and tried to construct it.  We didn’t use enough sheets in each roll though so needed a head to hold it up.

Going with Moods

We had intended to go to London today, big plans.  Both of us were tired though this morning.  It was a hard call as often a day out shakes us out of the doldrums and reenergises us but at the end of the day Sam is a bit too wheezy for my peace of mind and I need to be on the ball for work this weekend so we opted to stay home.
We played solitaire card games, Sam stayed home and worked on his Art award while Pete gave me a lift to our local Range to pick up supplies for our HE group next week, then we pottered down to the beach (and arcade).
Afternoon was spent on playing WW2 strategy games on the computer if you were Sam, or sewing and catching up on a bit of tv if you were me.  We watched the last episode of The Silk Road and now he’s drawing flags to test Pete while we wait on pizza.

Sciencey Fun

The day didn’t get off to the best of starts when the person we were supposed to be meeting to discuss a future home ed activity cancelled.  I’d set chores around it and we were missing trampolining for it and although I am sure they had a good reason been cancelled on a few times lately and rather fed up.  Sam didn’t mention going trampolining and neither did I as his breathing is not as good as I’d like so relieved to miss it really.

He’s under there doing Spanish.The main focus of the day was looking at the forces that act on bridges.
After some reading and discussion of trusses he made 2 geodesic domes from cocktail sticks and marshmallows.  After we left the marshmallows to harden for a few hours he tested them by laying books on top.

We talked about gravity and made a card butterfly to find the centre of gravity and a parachute because that is what you do when you do gravity.

We filled 3 cardboard tubes with different materials and left one empty.  Then stood on them to see how they would stand up as girders.

We finished by demonstrating Newton’s 3rd Law by making four holes sideways around the bottom of a can and then filling it with water and watching it spin. To make use of our sudden free time we went out Pokemon hunting, returned some books to the library and had lunch in a new cafe in the village. 
Rest of the day has been reading, Roblox, Pokemon TCG online and now just about to watch more of The Silk Road.

Fun and Games

I broke my usual rule of not working during the school day this morning as was trying to meet a deadline but Sam was able to get on with most things while I sat nearby anyway.  He doesn’t need me like he did, actually it is more a case that he needs the computer so I have to give way 🙂
Besides maths, English, Latin and Spanish the work of the day was mainly Chinese themed. 
Sam made a relief map from his Ancient China book while I read aloud from our Stories from the Silk Road and we watched an episode of Sam Willis’ Silk Road.

After lunch we had home ed group.  As it was an extra session to usual because we originally had a workshop booked we opted to have a parents afternoon.  Got the kids to bring board games, some of them set up a cake shop as they were fundraising for comic relief and left them to it.  Parents settled in the other room with coffee to have a chat about all things home ed and browse books people had bought along.  Very pleasant afternoon.