A Short Note

I am not really in the mood to spend long reflecting on home ed today so much more to reflect on.

Positives of the day are Sam just getting on with stuff this morning not taking the excuse of lack of internet and my distraction.  Good habits obviously well ingrained.
Plus another lovely home ed group session.  Lots of Shakespeare and playing in the garden fun had.  I can’t share the photo I took because a friend was centre shot and she doesn’t do photos. So here are some of the crafts.

We did have our first science fail for a while.  Sugar cube arch that I don’t think will ever come off tray and was supposed to be a lot bigger and upright.

As to the rest of the day, while that has been spent watching the news. As you know we nip up to London fairly often, and will continue doing what we always have.  Events like this don’t make me fearful they make me sorrowful, for those whose lives will be forever scarred and for the hate filled reactions in response that will help no one.


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