Architecture Workshop

I had a bit of a mess up with my diary for today.  I’d expressed interest in a workshop for Sam and then as details weren’t confirmed for a while forgot and booked something for our local group on the same day.  Oops! However as the event I’d booked for today was something for the younger ones and since I was planning to abandon Sam in town to entertain himself or leave him home with my dad while I went with other people’s kids I don’t feel too guilty about asking someone to deputise on the day.  Slightly sad as seeing photos of happy children on the trip makes me think I would have liked to be there. It was one Sam and I really enjoyed a few years ago so I knew the younger ones coming up would and I’d have liked to enjoy it again with them, no feeling like the one that comes from helping to bring a smile to a child’s face.  I love it 🙂

Anyway I wasn’t there.  I was off having fun with my own child!  Very rare that I find myself booking a workshop run by someone else and I can’t remember the last time we did a workshop without knowing anyone on it.  Might be 10 years ago in our first year or 2 of home ed.  I nearly found reasons not to go and with Sam ill all week and me waking up with the lurgy this morning it looked like a non-starter but I went in to Sam and he was up and getting dressed at 6.30 (my obsessively earlyness kicked in). The subject matter really appealed to both of us and meant that we ended up there and were really glad we went.  Actually not going with friends was probably an advantage as was wholely focussed on workshop content.

We started with a tour of the cathedral highlighting various architectural features.

After a lunch break we had a workshop looking at gargoyles and grotesques with time to make a clay model of one.

After the gargoyles we had time on our own in the Cathedral for sketching.
Or in the adult’s case asking questions of the numerous helpful guides hanging about, and googling the answer on one of the guide’s iPads 😉

Two random photos.  The Cathedral itself and Jane Austen’s grave which I have always loved for it’s simplicity and is something I can’t help returning to.

We missed the bus home from the station by about two minutes (we were on wrong side of the busy road) so managed a charity shop trip and a decent collection.  Meant in the end we left the house just after 7am and didn’t get back until 5pm. As Sam said a long day but a good one.

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