End of the Week

Today feels like the end of a long week.  I think it was we were tail chasing after being away.  Not so much in terms of ‘school work’ but housework, admin  and spending time with family and friends.

Today started off with Sam drawing flags and quizing me on them.  I got open mocking when I failed to recognise the flag Japan used in the Second World War … really!

The aim was to get all the jobs on the planner wrapped op and over with as soon as possible despite the flag induced late start.  However for reasons I can not quite remember Sam spent about an hour making a comic strip of our day out yesterday.  I think it was supposed to be making collage pictures on cards to tell a memory but neither of us fancied collage so idea went to drawing and then from cards to comics for ease.

We spent a lot of the morning keeping track of our survey results for maths.  He’d asked a question on my Fb timeline and our local group about favourite chocolate and we had our required 100 responses in a couple of hours and they are still coming :/

After English, Maths, Spanish and Latin we got out the Microbit and had our first proper look at it since the day he opened the box.

Ran out of steam by this point so Science was left and Sam spent the afternoon installing and playing a new computer game, Hearts of Iron 3.

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