Going with Moods

We had intended to go to London today, big plans.  Both of us were tired though this morning.  It was a hard call as often a day out shakes us out of the doldrums and reenergises us but at the end of the day Sam is a bit too wheezy for my peace of mind and I need to be on the ball for work this weekend so we opted to stay home.
We played solitaire card games, Sam stayed home and worked on his Art award while Pete gave me a lift to our local Range to pick up supplies for our HE group next week, then we pottered down to the beach (and arcade).
Afternoon was spent on playing WW2 strategy games on the computer if you were Sam, or sewing and catching up on a bit of tv if you were me.  We watched the last episode of The Silk Road and now he’s drawing flags to test Pete while we wait on pizza.

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