Hands On Fun

We were back to routine today after last weeks frolics.  We caught up on what hadn’t been done last week in terms of Maths and English.
Sam worked through his Asia unit study, learning about the natural resources of the continent.
We read about jade carving in Ancient China and looked at some jade burial suits.  We mixed together two shades of fimo for a jade look and Sam made a ‘bi’ a ring with a dragon around it and a flute.  Not sure why the flute came it to it.
In the afternoon friends were around for science.  We talked about forces that act on a bridge (modelled with marshmallows).  They made beam bridges and tested how many coins they held.  Then strung the bridges to make them suspension bridges and retested.

Moving on to towers next time so with time to spare they had a go at making their own.  Can’t go wrong with spaghetti and marshmallows. Inspired by chatting with friends Sam reinstalled Minecraft and had a play. Made a cake.Now he’s stretched out in front of Richard Hammond’s Wild Weather.

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