Juggling it all

Been a hectic old day of trying to do it all and I am exhausted now so another quick one.

Again I have to say how pleased I am at how Sam has become so independent and focused at managing his own workload.  He is really just getting on with his core work with very little input from me now.

Which is good as I have been balancing work and home ed group responsibilities for much of the day, including meeting with the police to discuss what they can do for us. 

Sam on the other hand has got on with maths, English, Latin and Spanish. I read to him over tea and biscuits and helped to a small extent with constructing a Knex bridge. 

He opted to stay home and see Grandad while I went out to meet the PCSO.  I believe board games were played but by the time I was home it was on to the computer. 

Evening was spent watching the last two episodes of Victorian Bakers.

Time for bed now as falling asleep as I type.

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