Science, Sun and Ships

The major job of yesterday morning was science as we are a week off schedule!
The topic how things work was far too wide a scope so have taken Sam’s current interest in structures and architecture and we are looking at civil engineering, starting with bridges and tunnels.
We were starting off with an introduction to engineering.  Last week he’d made a pyramid from wood offcuts and mud and we’d let it dry.  Now he was testing the strength.  It withstood a vigorous earthquake but not a hammer 🙂
The next job was to make a bungee cord for an egg from a safety pin, elastic bands and a leg from a pair of tights.  Did get smashed eventually.
Finally we were looking at shapes of structures and testing them.  Tent structures not so strong. But we could see why columns are popular.
We then headed in to Gosport to replenish hayfever treatments and pick up lunch before meeting friends at the dockyard for laser quest.  Parents escaped outside.
Friends were heading to the Mary Rose after so we gate crashed.  It is so much nicer in there now it is not so horribly, horribly hot.  The views of the ship are awe inspiring.  Back to loving it again 🙂

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