Sciencey Fun

The day didn’t get off to the best of starts when the person we were supposed to be meeting to discuss a future home ed activity cancelled.  I’d set chores around it and we were missing trampolining for it and although I am sure they had a good reason been cancelled on a few times lately and rather fed up.  Sam didn’t mention going trampolining and neither did I as his breathing is not as good as I’d like so relieved to miss it really.

He’s under there doing Spanish.The main focus of the day was looking at the forces that act on bridges.
After some reading and discussion of trusses he made 2 geodesic domes from cocktail sticks and marshmallows.  After we left the marshmallows to harden for a few hours he tested them by laying books on top.

We talked about gravity and made a card butterfly to find the centre of gravity and a parachute because that is what you do when you do gravity.

We filled 3 cardboard tubes with different materials and left one empty.  Then stood on them to see how they would stand up as girders.

We finished by demonstrating Newton’s 3rd Law by making four holes sideways around the bottom of a can and then filling it with water and watching it spin. To make use of our sudden free time we went out Pokemon hunting, returned some books to the library and had lunch in a new cafe in the village. 
Rest of the day has been reading, Roblox, Pokemon TCG online and now just about to watch more of The Silk Road.

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