Ups and Downs

I came down with a horrible shivery lurgy yesterday and Sam was even feeling ill enough to declare Flip Out a no show. 
A quiet day was declared. Some maths, english, latin and spanish were done but only a little and nothing taxing.
We started watching a documentary about electricity before iPlayer stopped working and we moved on to Joanna Lumley’s Japan.
Sam played computer, I soaked in the bath.  We sent Jack for Subway (little of what you fancy 😉 ) and watched Fantastic Beasts.
Today we both had more energy but not for a proper day out. Instead we finished off Sam’s English for the week, read the last of the science book and made a track for an avalanche.
While that dried we nipped into Gosport for some food shopping but pottered around the charity shops, caught some Pokemon and went to the park first. Back home I spent some time sorting out refunds after a workshop organised for next week was cancelled. Not having good luck on that front this year.
After that we tried tipping different ‘snow’ textures (flour, icing sugar, salt and rice) down Sam’s avalanche board.  
The rest of the day was all about games.  We’d ordered some yesterday from the Happy Puzzle Company because they has a sale and we were surprised to find them here when we got home a lunch time today.  Also picked up a 1979’s Rubiks game in a charity shop and Sam had bought a new DS game.
So we have been playing.  

This is the runaway favourite. Pentago – a strategy game that was the one that leapt out at us as very much both our thing and we were right.  Good battle although Sam as always in these things had the edge.

The Great Home Ed Bake Off 2017

Today was all about cake. 
Sam spent most of the morning decorating his cake while I made prizes and certificates and prepared crafts for the kids to ignore in favour of admiring cakes and asking when we could eat them.
Days like this really make the hassle of organising group activities worth it as lots of happy people, lots of fun and the cakes were really amazing.  We even had a croquembouche with spun sugar from an 11yo. 
Does cause much amusement in the run up as frayed parents unravel with stress of it all on Facebook 🙂 One of those real group bonding activities.
The top one is Sam’s. Theme was spring, didn’t they do well? 😀
P.s. Sam did manage maths, latin, Spanish and some of his English too 🙂

Chimes, Cakes and Conquering

Another at home day as we were waiting in for parcels for tomorrows HE group.
Didn’t have the smoothest start as Sam woke very wheezy but got that under control and the day came together well.  I thought I’d put too much on the planner but in reality we’d done anything ‘schooly’ by around 10.30am (Maths, English, Spanish, Latin and Asia unit study) and wasted the rest of the morning reading about Japan, looking at the globe, playing the tune that was in the book we were reading, listening to it played properly on the koto via youtube, looking up sculptures from Sappro’s Snow festival and writing haikus.
After lunch we watched an episode of Joanna Lumley’s Japan. Sam baked his cake for tomorrow’s HE Bake Off, he taught me how to play Risk and we had baths and reassembled the cake – did not come out of tin easily!

Borrowed Time

We had a very productive start to the term even if I was still sketching out a plan for science this morning! After Easter productive days are usually on the scarce side so every good day is always a welcome surprise.  The fact that Sam’s alarm clock went wrong and got him up before 7 might have been a big factor.

His online Maths required some quite complicated mental arithmetic and took way longer than usual but he did well. Luckily this was balanced by his written maths involving no written maths and instead following some instructions for origami using vacabulary such as parallel, perpendicular.

This is how science is done. For English Sam made a map of an imaginary place to use for story telling. I read aloud from a My Story book, Mill Girl whil Sam made the map. Then we read from a history textbook and did some of the questions verbally.  It’s a KS3 book as the only thing I could find that covered what I wanted in the level of detail we wanted.  Planning to use the whole scheme in future as we do seem to be drifting towards being more book based.

We rounded off history with a documentary about the Industrial Revolution over lunch.  Afternoon was science based with looking at tunnels. We made a syphon.  Which worked impressively but I was too busy trying to stop the living room getting soaked to manage a photo.  Next job was a steam powered turbine. I wsn’t so convinced this one was a likely success and I was right.  Maybe US origami paper is different to Uk version as lets just say ours didn’t like steam 🙂
Aquifers and looking at groundwater pollution came next with more success. Final bit of science was more a bit of fun. We had been reading about the Channel Tunnel and how they dug from either side and met.  I gave Sam measurements to place his sticker on one side of the card and reversed them for me.  Then poked a pin through the centre of mine to see if we’d managed to match up.  No where near! Our tunnel was heading for the Netherlands we think 😉

Roblox, work (for me), more politics chat and a game of Risk saw out the day.

Another Few Recovery Days

Wednesday’s jolly up to London combined with the hayfever mugginess left us very tired.  Thursday was a bit of a washout, not a lot achieved and we’d waited in for my Dad because I forgot he was doing something else.
Friday also had the feel of a potential washout day, so decided to embrace the abandonment of academic work and get out in the sunshine. 
Sam wanted to go to Fareham and we were intending on a charity shop forage.  However, Pete dropped us off the other end of town and after a potter in Waterstones and Game, we started Pokemon hunting as we walked up to the bakers. We decided to abandon shopping then in favour of Pokemon so walked up the hill and along Fareham Creek with a playground trip.
Once home military strategy has been the order of the day; computer based for a few hours and now he’s playing Risk with Pete.

Geffrye Museum

A photo heavy blog, featuring lots of nice chairs. A lovely day at the Geffrye Museum in London.  It’s converted almshouses (which I now understand what they were at last) and the history of the home.  I loved the tour of the alms house, the pre 1900 rooms best and the beautiful gardens, very glad we waited until they were open. Sam was taken with the exhibition of teenage bedrooms and was talking about redecorating his.
Total gem of a place. 
Although better booking system for tours/activities and a ban on big buggies (or a one way system) would improve it.


To Be Or Not To Be

After a speedy morning’s work we spent yesterday at the theatre watching Hamlet.  Very glad it wasn’t our first introduction as was far from the best performance we’ve seen.  I kept falling asleep.  We had a hissed conversation that it wasn’t a patch on the David Tennant version (sadly only seen on DVD).  Come to the conclusion that Shakespeare in an indoor theatre isn’t right, especcially one that was mostly empty.  Very, very excited to have tickets for Othello at The Globe over Easter though 🙂
Hamlet did let Sam indulge in plenty of sarcasm about how cheerful it was.

Tea Party and Eggy Fun

Monday seems a long way a way now – the problem of not blogging regularly.  Was an incredibly busy week though, don’t seem to have stopped until today when we sort of crashed.

Besides the usuals we finished off the resources section of our Asia study and then read about food in Ancient China. We held a very fudged version of a Chinese Tea Ceremony and Sam baked moon cakes.

After lunch we had friends round for science. With Easyer on the horizon I dumbed the structures route we had been going down and we did eggs.
Standing on them, I think between 5 people standing on them (inc me who is no light weight) we broke 4.

We then had a go at turning eggs inside out by spinning them in tights.  We got one that sort of worked.

A go at decorating eggs by painting eggs with a paste of baking soda and food colouring and then dripping vinegar on so the colours mixed failed completely when the vinegar washed the eggs clean.  But vinegar and baking soda always makes kids happy so lost them for a while to making a fizzy mess.

When I finally persuaded them to clean up the mess I was asked questions about why the shell had gone funny on some.  So I explained the acid desolving shell thing and popped one in a jar of vinegar ro demonstrate.  Scum was forming on top an hour later.  Not sure if it completely dissolved as stuck a lid on and sent it to stink out some one else’s house. We then wrapped up eggs in tape, foil and elastic bands and took them out with some unwrapped ones to test which survived the roll down the hill best.  Which moved on to throwing, which moved on to sweeping the path and hanging out in the park for a while.

After a tidy it was to the school for a meeting with Jack, while Sam and Pete got to enjoy a spring evening on the beach.

Big Day Out and the Aftermath

Wednesday was our third trip to Kidzania.  Here’s posts from trip 1 and trip 2, showing you how much we loved them. Trip 3 was a let down mainly as there was far to few staff on for the number of children in there (school groups so prebooked and known about) and the kids managed so few activities. They enjoyed themselves and it was a lovely social day. But bit of a let down after the other sessions.

As I’d lost Monday to hayfever brain fog, Tues to answering last minute queries and organisation for Kidzania and Weds we were out from 7 am until gone 9pm. Thurs and Fri were spent desperately scrabbling around trying to fit work in to hours I normally wouldn’t. Sometimes it’s needs must though.

Comfortable morning’s work achieved on Thurs before trampolining. I tried to get a photo but he was too quick and too many other children about.  So here he is bright red and sideways.

We had to run some errands after.  Which we didn’t actually manage thanks to poor show by others. We did cheer ourselves up with some charity shop bargains though.

Sam complained of feeling ill on Friday. Another day we’d have got on with it but I was more than happy to leave him to reading about Japanese warlords while I worked.  In the end we did do most of his day’s stuff just later in the day.  Another tick for flexibility.