Another Few Recovery Days

Wednesday’s jolly up to London combined with the hayfever mugginess left us very tired.  Thursday was a bit of a washout, not a lot achieved and we’d waited in for my Dad because I forgot he was doing something else.
Friday also had the feel of a potential washout day, so decided to embrace the abandonment of academic work and get out in the sunshine. 
Sam wanted to go to Fareham and we were intending on a charity shop forage.  However, Pete dropped us off the other end of town and after a potter in Waterstones and Game, we started Pokemon hunting as we walked up to the bakers. We decided to abandon shopping then in favour of Pokemon so walked up the hill and along Fareham Creek with a playground trip.
Once home military strategy has been the order of the day; computer based for a few hours and now he’s playing Risk with Pete.

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