Chimes, Cakes and Conquering

Another at home day as we were waiting in for parcels for tomorrows HE group.
Didn’t have the smoothest start as Sam woke very wheezy but got that under control and the day came together well.  I thought I’d put too much on the planner but in reality we’d done anything ‘schooly’ by around 10.30am (Maths, English, Spanish, Latin and Asia unit study) and wasted the rest of the morning reading about Japan, looking at the globe, playing the tune that was in the book we were reading, listening to it played properly on the koto via youtube, looking up sculptures from Sappro’s Snow festival and writing haikus.
After lunch we watched an episode of Joanna Lumley’s Japan. Sam baked his cake for tomorrow’s HE Bake Off, he taught me how to play Risk and we had baths and reassembled the cake – did not come out of tin easily!

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