The Great Home Ed Bake Off 2017

Today was all about cake. 
Sam spent most of the morning decorating his cake while I made prizes and certificates and prepared crafts for the kids to ignore in favour of admiring cakes and asking when we could eat them.
Days like this really make the hassle of organising group activities worth it as lots of happy people, lots of fun and the cakes were really amazing.  We even had a croquembouche with spun sugar from an 11yo. 
Does cause much amusement in the run up as frayed parents unravel with stress of it all on Facebook 🙂 One of those real group bonding activities.
The top one is Sam’s. Theme was spring, didn’t they do well? 😀
P.s. Sam did manage maths, latin, Spanish and some of his English too 🙂

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