Busy Days

We’ve had a hugely busy couple of days, good ones though and bits woefully short of photos with others perhaps over represented but hey ho.
We started Thurs with an early morning Tesco shop and a early start to Sam’s work as we were expecting someone round for coffee.
Again a no show but taking the deep breath and ‘be kind, you never know what others are going through” mind set.
We spent much of the morning getting frustrated with an origami set for making geometric shapes.
After lunch we decided to crash a home ed coffee afternoon in a local cafe.  Pleasant afternoon, Sam went to the park to play with others, I drank coffee and chatted.  It was gone 4pm by then so we caught a bus to Gosport for tea in KFC as a treat and then headed to the Submarine Museum for one of the twilight tours they are laying on for home educators. Was not what I expected, the tour was not of the big sub you see here but a smaller one and we didn’t really go into the museum it was all in the education suite. However, I suspect we had more fun as a result. We’ve toured the big sub many times and been in the museum many times. Plus we have passes and can go whenever we want so nice to do something different.
A couple of Sam’s friends came back for a sleepover after.

Friday was a morning of play before Sam’s friends were picked up about lunchtime.  We spent the afternoon finishing off the treasure trail of Gosport we’d started with friends a few weeks ago. Sun was out and it was a lovely afternoon and we’ve located a lovely picnic venue for one day.

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