Spring Walk

Sunday I started work at 5.30am and finished at 9.30pm with a 2 hour break to clean and iron. Monday was an indoor, sendentary day too. So this morning although Tues is normally PJ day I had to get out.
We did maths (including some shape drawing), English, Latin and Spanish then headed out.
Every season we try and do a ‘season walk’ as a launch pad for a piece of creative writing.  Seemed a perfect day for a Spring walk. We headed to the Alver Valley Nature Reserve as it’s only minutes away with the camera for some flower spotting.

At home we had lunch in front of a documentary about canals. Read aloud from Mill Girl for a while and did some work from his history textbook about the history of weaving and how factories were first established. Finally Sam wrote a descriptive piece based on this morning’s work, lots of similes! Then it was off to do our own things.

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