Things you can’t teach

Kindness, compassion, respect for and awareness of the needs for others, compromise…

This week has highlighted that so much on a national level. My facebook feed has been full of ‘look for the helpers’ quotes and memes and there was plenty to see.

On a much smaller scale my boys have given me plenty of encouragement that they are growing up in to fundamentally decent human beings who, ignoring the fact that they are my children so of course I love them, I can like as individuals because of who they are.

I’ve commented already on what a star Sam was earlier this week when I was struggling, immediate response was what could he do to help?  On Thursday we were out at a home meet and a new child Sam’s age came along, a quick wave of the hand was all it needed to get Sam out of a game to say hello and take new child off to join in with Sam and friends.

Friday was what really prompted this post.  We had a day out ‘for me’! Sometimes I can dress up a visit I really want to do as educational and interest him in it (art exhibitions in particular) but a trip to a couple of Jane Austen exhibitions held no interest for him and being selfish I wanted to join them myself without worrying about involving him. He was perfectly happy to accompany me though, made no complaints at all and we worked the day so there was stuff he’d enjoy too.

As the exhibitions were in a library Sam ended up taking himself off to read in the children’s library leaving me free to potter at leisure collecting him at the end to show him a few things of interest to him.

After we finished up there we went to a toy shop to get a present, Sam loves picking presents for boys a few years younger than him 🙂 We spent ages pottering in there.

Street market for a browse and collect lunch and then to the park we went. I think this is our second favourite park after Jubilee Gardens in London. Not sure why, I think it is the setting.

Sam played happily while I sat in the shade with my sewing. Overheard a pair of mums near me (who hadn’t connected him to me) commenting on how lovely Sam was. He was spinning their toddlers on the roundabout and I think they were relieved to not have to venture out of the shade.  It always makes me smile to see the chain of small children he seems to gather around him in a playground 🙂
We spent some time watching the eels and fish and playing ‘Pooh leaves’ (leaves in plentiful supply, sticks weren’t) on the bridge before leaving the park.  Ice cream on Cathedral green before heading home hot but happy.

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