Walking! Lots of Walking!

That has how we’ve spent the last two days.

Yesterday it was London. We met up with my Sister in Law and family and explored the Olympic Park.
Afterwards we headed over to Whitechapel. 20 years ago when I was only 18 I went to London for the first time to stay with a man I’d only known for a few months and he took me on a tour of the East End showing me sites linked to Jack the Ripper! Well the short story is that that didn’t scare me off and ‘reader, I married him’. Yesterday we did a shorter and tamer version with Sam, looking at relics of Victorian London.  There were a lot fewer pub stobs than last time.

Today’s walk was closer to home. We did the Treasure Trail of Old Portsmouth. Can’t recommend these enough, we had great fun and caught the murderer 🙂

It was a rush to make it to the theatre for our show and lunch ended up being crisps and ice cream! Love the building this theatre is in but show was ridiculously short and organisation is rather rubbish. A real pity as could be so, so much more. 
All in all a lovely day though.

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