While we were in Bristol we visited the science centre there.  I’d checked before hand and they offered home ed rates making it more affordable. As a matter of fact we ended up going back the day after as we hadn’t done the Animation Studio the first day and the two trips were still cheaper than one full price rate.

I can’t rate this place highly enough. We’ve done quite a few of these sort of places over the years (Winchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, Oxford, Science Museum…) usually we find them hot, loud and overstimulating. They range from a really dire experience that we’ve been put off ever stepping foot in again (Winchester, Science Museum) to the passable for a short time (Cardiff, Birmingham). This one though we spent about 6 hours in total in happily and would happily go again.

It was bright, airy and cool. We had easy accessible lockers for coats.  Even though there were hundreds of school children in there there were no queues and it didn’t feel over crowded.  Everything worked, was well explained and it didn’t have buttons for the sake of buttons.
The animation studio alone is worth entry at home ed rates.  Hope this link will take you to one of his videos.

Tried to limit photos.  The sand tray with contour lines probably took up 2hours of our visits.


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