Organised Chaos

Our plans for September seem an awful lot clearer than they did 3 days ago.
A venue has been found for a ‘potential’ activity so looking like that is now a definite on the diary, a pencilled in commitment looks like it can be penned in
Our trip to see the local home ed tutorial centre due an unequivocal no to joining in activities there.  Nothing to do with the centre, it’s amazing. More it’s a big commitment in our week and we can do so much more with our time when you consider the travelling. Left decision entirely up to Sam and he was definite that it was a no. I was on the fence so happy to get a decision. A pencilled in activity can be rubbed out, buying us precious time.
Still no idea how to fit in all we want to but at least I know what I’m fitting around. Now comes the fun bit 😀
I really had to buy this diary as so very, very me.

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