The Calm after the Storm

As much as we enjoyed the few days away they have been followed by a need to slow down and stay in. To be honest we’re ready to pull up the drawbridge now and lock ourselves away until Sept. Rather regretting that I still have at least 3 home ed group sessions and a trip or two before the end of term.  We’ll enjoy them I’m sure (I have exciting plans for them 😉 ) just feeling lazy.

In our lazy spell we’ve read lots, watched documentaries about trains, played lots of Mathletics, made word tags for creative writing prompts, designed and made a suspension bridge from random bits, then played with making pegs fire across the room, spent too long removing the corpse of a humungous spider that Pete had managed to crush inside my curtain, watched and talked about politics a lot, made a water wheel and a knitting spool and played far too much computer.

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