Writing, Wrestling and Relaxing

Weds morning was a bit wobbly getting out the house, 2 big days out on the trot took their toll on Sam combined with horrendously high pollen counts. I just said City Museum when I was asked where we were going, decided mentioning we were doing a creative writing workshop would have lead to mutiny. Was the right move, he loved it! 
Inspired by some, seriously drab in my view, paintings of wartime Portsmouth he has sketched out a 3 book series of diary style books telling the story of WW3 from the perspective of a dog.

There were other home educators in the workshop, not as many as I thought there would be a free workshop like this posted on the home ed group I thought would get a bit of interest. The ones who were there were friends though so a picnic in the museum gardens followed.

Before home for an afternoon of relaxing (well some work for me) on the Xbox playing wrestling with Jack. Today was supposed to be relaxing but he needed to tidy his room and go to the library. Then he went straight back out since he forgot to buy the Beano. Me, I worked, organised home ed stuff, made plans for a trip away next week (mainly by emailing the places we’d like to visit and asking if they do home ed discount) and cleaned – doing that without having to rush out is the closest to relaxation I get.
Grandpa is staying now for a few days so busy again it is.

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