Solva 17

Our family holiday posts are very low on activity content but high on lovely scenery photos. Mind and body relaxed and soul restored 🙂 We enjoyed lots of relaxed pottering at the cottage.
A meal or two out and a check to see if the very, very ancient doddery dog in the local pub was still going, the fact he was made Sam’s holiday.
A trip to Havorfordwest to buy books (lovely lady in Oxfam checks stockroom for Beano annuals for us) and a couple to St Davids for ice cream from the gorgous ice cream parlour, art gallery and a Treasure Trail.
Plus getting knocked about and submerged by over your head waves, bodyboarding and fort building at Newgale of course.  

2 thoughts on “Solva 17”

  1. Looks like a good time was had by all! I couldn’t scroll through the rest of the photos before saying: I absolutely love the yarnbombing photo. lol Will have to go back to properly view the rest now. 🙂

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