Mary Rose Detective – Home Educator Day

I am undecided as to what I made of this one. After being very grumpy at the idea of going Sam said he really enjoyed it so obviously that’s the main thing. I suppose I was put off by the poor organisation/communication before hand and workshop felt like it could have been something ‘more’ but can’t put my finger on how. Actually I think what it needed was more children. They’d kept numbers small and counted the adults in their numbers so that was a sizeable part of the group.  A bigger group and if it had been local group so kids were more familiar I think would have helped, also considering we have passes it felt really expensive for what it was. That said we may well do the next one as that sounded really interesting.

Anyway the morning was spent discussing different theories as to why the ships sank. Here he is comparing English, Spanish and French accounts.

After lunch the had the chance to look at and sort some replica objects. Then they were given this to choose a topic from then they went into the museum with iPads to take photos to either prove or disprove their sentence. Sam was working on “Warfare in the time of the Mary Rose was stuck in the middle ages”. Then using the iPad he created a 6 page book supporting the claim. He ran out of time so it’s 3 pages of content and 3 of photos. Waiting to have it emailed to us.

We nipped back into the museum to get a photo of our visiting flat travellor “Mr Duck” with the ship.


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