Summer 2017

Summer 2017 has gone in a flash. Scary to think that this time next year one child should be through GCSEs.
It has been a summer of brotherly bonding for the boys, they have spent most of it happy in each other’s company. Watching wrestling, playing wrestling on the Xbox and trying to break my sofa by throwing each other on to it.
I’ve been busy working. Normally we come off the boil in the summer but with the move to subscription it remained full steam ahead and it’s been a productive time.
We’ve had two trips to London theatres, one both boys and one just me and J to see The Play that Goes Wrong (Brilliant) and Wicked (far better than when I saw it at the Mayflower in Southampton).
A trip to watch live wrestling and visit an ice cream parlour.
Lots of medical check ups!
2 workshops at The Makery – a new gadget place in our local town library that is going to become a favourite place I think.
Walks, blackberry picking, crafting, coffee with friends, lots of gaming, a sleepover, clear outs…
Relaxing and restorative as summer should be.

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