Half term here so we’re on a go slow. Lots of lazing about and catching up on rest after a busy half term. Sleep routines seem to have gone to pot though so dreading the clock change at the weekend.
No real work being done. I’d hoped that we’d do some reading and catch up of bits but not really happened but will just have to adjust the half terms plans, need to shake the bugs that plagued us last term.

We’ve none of our regular groups on this week. Tuesday morning we went out with friends to do the Halloween walk at Keydells and look at their Christmas tat.

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Wednesday saw us all (Jack too) head to London for the History of Magic exhibition at the British Library.
It’s definitely an exhibition for older fans and fans of the books rather than the films.  I love old books so it was right up my street. Rooms were broken up by subject, I think Divination was the favourite as a bit more hands on. Favourite exhibit was a marvellous scroll explaining how to make the Philosopher’s Stone, and the planning for the Order of the Phoenix. It doesn’t blow you away the way the studio does and to be honest if you took out the actual Harry Potter stuff no one would notice, it’s a geeks exhibition really. We enjoyed it 🙂 and it gave us the best ‘odd things that come out of your mouth’ moment for a long time, when I said to Jack “We’d better wait, Sam is listening to a plant pot.”

Since we were early we decided to pop to Kings Cross and see ‘Platform 9 3/4’. There was a huge queue for a photograph with the wall, sign and disappearing trolley. Shop was a horrible place, same overpriced goods (apart from the clothes which are oddly are decent value) as the Studios but in a tiny cramped space. 
Today has been about my errands; library, catching up on blog and nipping to pick up our glazed pottery. Boys have spent the day playing on screens, watching wrestling and then play fighting. Innocent fun 🙂

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