Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist starts off with a young boy called Oliver Twist being stuck in a workhouse when his mother died giving birth to him. One day he asks for more food at dinner and he gets locked in a room for a couple of days, he is then sold to a coffin maker. The coffin makers son insults his mother so he beats him up and after being locked away he runs away and flees to London. He meets a group of criminals but does not know they are criminals until he sees them steal a handkerchief. After he sees them steal a handkerchief he attempts to flee the seen but the man who was robbed sees him running and think he stole the handkerchief. He is chased, caught and taken to the police station. He is released and taken to a rich mans house after he is taken ill, he is looked after there and is happy. He goes to run an errend in London and is kidnapped by the robbers he fled. He is kept there and starts to fit in as he sees nobody else. He is involved in the robbery of a house but is shot when he is found by the house owners. he is left in a ditch by the two other robbers who were with him. He is taken in by the family he had to rob and is happy again. He meets the old family he was with and they decide to figure out his origins. They gain information from one of the criminals but she is killed when she is found out. The families find out more about Oliver when one of the criminals confesses, some of the criminals are chased and one dies after accidently hanging himself attempting to escape from police. the families find out Olivers origins and then reveal it with some criminals present and witnesses.

I really liked this book as it had an amazing storyline but it was a bit confusing at times.

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