Soldiering On

I have had a headache that really would not shift this last week hence the lack of posts.
We’ve got through it okay though. The week was mainly saved by me accepting on Weds that making it to London on Fri for the New Scientist Live event was a non-starter and using the money saved from not buying tickets/train fare to buy a proper microscope. It’s a learner model and I wasn’t expecting much really but very pleasantly surprised and impressed with it. Sam is quite taken and his interest in it took pressure off me.
We did start off the week trying to get by with our pocket microscope and it was nowhere near good enough to see clearly but just good enough to spark enough interest to make me think splashing out a bit was worth it.
In other stuff we continue to work through Python book, watch In Search of the Dark Ages and read Oliver Twist.Not forgetting still on USA project. 

The difficulties he was having with maths last week passed and we were on to squares and indices (one of his interests) and factors. English we had some fun with different noun types.

Tues was Lego Minstorms course. I missed any photos of the robot but did get the kits playing after.
Weds was the first of our groups for senior school age children and turn out was very good.  They were making stencils with glue guns.

We’ve also had time to play board games, spend some time with Grandad and make it in to town for lunch and a potter about (starting to hatch birthday plans).

Oh and I can firmly say that Kidzania are now my worst place ever to deal with and have the most stupid (and frequently changing) policies known to humankind. Too much time this week has been spent musing over how I could run it better. Pity as it’s a fantastic space but I’ve well and truly burnt my bridges for organising trips there in future!

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