I think one of the hardest things about parenting and home ed is accepting it’s okay not to be perfect, doing it all and giving our all to everything all of the time just isn’t possible, compromises are needed.
Today I put work first, above my child. There was something big I felt the need to do (so big I am typing this over a glass of wine at nearly midnight). And you know what, he’s okay! Happy and filled the day easily enough. He watched a documentary that wasn’t at all connected to anything we’re ‘studying’ but I knew would interest him (Countdown to the Russian Revolution for anyone interested), read a book on American history as well as the new Beano and How it Works magazine.
We did go out for about 3 hours so I could freeze in the park and he could get ridiculously caked in mud wrestling and playing.
Then he filled his time with a much needed bath and a play on the computer.
For a few days now work will go on the back burner as we have plans and things to do. 
I’d love more hours or a clone but hey ho, muddling along is the best I can manage and I think that is good enough.

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