Discussion and Conversation

Is the way Sam learns best and we are doing loads of it. Doesn’t make for pretty blog posts full of interesting photos though. More just lists of things we’ve talked about and other bits and bobs we’ve done. Which these last two days has been more decimals, continuing reading and using the Machine Gunners as our English text, he drafted a letter to a newspaper about why WW2 should be taught in schools which then went into him detailing what he wants to know about the war and asking lots of questions that I really didn’t have a clue about so first chance we get I spot a big order at Amazon coming. Science was fertilization and growth of a fetus – he was slightly appalled – the microsope is him looking at sperm and eggs. History all we have done is watch a couple of episodes of Secrets of the Castle. Geography we have moved on to why and how settlements grow and factors that affect where they are placed.

Today was our Citizenship group. We were looking at what makes some one a good and active citizen and what sort of actions they could take and planning some actions for next week.

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