Melusine is a book written by Lynne Reed Banks.

It is about a boy called Roger and his family who go on hoiday to an old, decaying chateau. He meets the daughter of the chateau owner and they become friends. The chateau owners daughter is called Melusine. As Roger’s relationship with Melusine continues he realises that something is wrong. He suspects that Melusine’s father – Monsieur Serpe – is abusing Melusine.

One night he realises that Melusine can turn into a snake. When he and his dad explore a tunnel they found near the chateau they end up inside a tower that was locked away from the rest of the chateau and find a weird shrine. When Monsieur Serpe finds them trespassing and tries to shoot them Melusine comes in snake form and attacks her father causing him to fall out a window. Roger and his family head for home bringing Melusine with them but they crash and Melusine disappears. After looking for Melusine they find her back at the Chateau, safe and sound.

I liked this book a lot, it was a bit long but it was made up for by its ability to always make you wonder what happened next. This book did not have any fighting or wars or big exciting events so it may not appeal to some but I liked it anyway.

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