Now Sam is 12

In a year’s time Sam will be a teenager! Find it very hard to imagine Sam as a teenager even now. Jack at 12 was very much on the cusp of teenagerdom, Sam is far too happy and mellow to feel teenager like.

Day has been a peaceful one. He’s been under the weather this weekend so when he preferred not to go to HE group this morning it seemed wise. We did send cake though and got a video rendition of Happy Birthday back 🙂

We spent the morning reading (3 out of 4 new books devoured!) and playing Pandemic board game.

Afternoon was about setting up gadgets. A new phone and a new laptop with a decent enough graphics card for the games he likes were the main presents. Pete and I had totally forgotten that Sam had a game that the old laptop hadn’t been able to play, Sam had obviously been brooding on it though as it was almost the first thing he said when he worked out what the box contained. The rest of the afternoon was spent failing to conquer Europe.
He’s just told us after a Subway and chocolate cake tea that he has had a very good day 😀 Lost track of the amount of times he has said thank you for the laptap. It’s about 5 times as much as we have ever spent on a present so not something he’d have dreamed of asking for. However, is something that I suspect will definitely get money’s worth from.

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