Taxes, Adolescence, Map Scales and more

Just some of the things we have covered over the last few days.
Monday is what I hope is our productive day in the week. We have fallen into the habit of trying to cover maths (currently decimals) before his computer science tutorial and then English and world geography after before lunch. We also managed to finish off the Just So stories  and he wrote a quick review while I made lunch.
Somewhere in the day we also slotted in some science on the subject of adolescence, we went in to quite a bit of depth on this last year as was concerning me how uncurious he was so we skimmed it really. Geography was also something we’d covered in depth before; map references so we did the unit in the book quick and verbally as a revision exercise.
History took longer as we spent quite a long time debating whether various sources could be believed and the rationality behing why William the Conqueror might have done things one way. A lot of thought goes in to the best strategies to seize and maintain power in this house!
Tuesday was a quick maths and some English before we had our Citizenship group where we were looking at funding of public services, what taxes we pay and where it goes. I do not want to get old if that lot are in charge!
They then organised themselves in to games for a while.
At home we finished English and looked at map scales, then cuddled down for more reading aloud. Really enjoying Anglo Saxon Boy by Tony Bradman.

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