Christmas Chores

Christmas chores have been order of the week here. Weds involved card writing and then off to home ed group where we made wreaths. Absolutely lovely afternoon.
Thursday was hectic. Sam stayed in and worked through his maths and English while I went for a blood test and ran errands like posting the Christmas presents and picking up pottery.
Home and went through history, science and geography with Sam. Then he watched a documentary while I tidied up and put away a supermarket shop.
My dad came round and we chatted over hama beads and making a mess. We had some packing noodles and I had the idea of making an igloo with them. We got them a bit wet though and ended up with something that resembled mashed potato.Today was finishing off bits off work and lots and lots of tidying up.
We managed to get rid of 4 boxes/bags of craft stuff by dropping it over to a fellow home eder who runs a local ‘Trash Cafe’. I have promised Sam we will go back to eat when it stops raining for long enough for the river not to be flooded. It’s a nice walk over the country park but the river tends to flood and cut off our route.
Tidying up turned in to playing with knex and reading Beanos 🙂

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