Goodbye 2017

Overall another very good year. We have definitely had some fantastic trips, lovely home ed groups, productive times at home and lots of more relaxed meets chilling with friends.
Been a year of change too, there is definitely a far more grown up Sam. Home ed has become more book based as we have moved to KS3, socialising has seen a move towards the kids spending time together with less adults as Sam and his friends gallop towards their teens.
Politics and history have become the main interests.
Noticed a definite drop in productivity in the last two months of the year as Sam seemed to be constantly under the weather without being able to pinpoint anything, so here’s hoping for a healthier 2018.

Me – I smashed my book challenge by reading 58 books from a challenge of 52. Possibly might manage one more if I go to bed early enough.
Activity Village went subscriber and has taken up far more of my time but mainly in a good way as I do love my work.
8 cross stitch pictures finished but still not taught (retaught?) myself to crochet. Can not see the crochet happening soon, I love stitching too much and have too many projects in the cupboard ready to start.
I had a break at the start of the year when videos wouldn’t work on my Kindle but couldn’t avoid be tempted back when the problem fixed itself and in the end completed 13 FutureLearn courses.

January – Had so many photos to chose from as we were into a very practical human body project, having fun with friends on a combined construction project and learning about Dickens and the Victorians with various trips. This is from a trip to the Foundling Museum and Charles Dickens’ House.
February – Another busy month as all of January’s projects continued. Home ed groups were thriving, this is a game of ‘chair football’ after one activity.
March – A very eclectic month starting with a St David’s Day trip to Wales. Lots of hands on experiments on bridges and tunnels, a trip to Christchurch and a home ed architecture workshop in Winchester.
April – Some Easter science, Hamlet, a trip to the Geffrye, Kidzania again, some lovely spring days out Pokemon hunting, lots of board games and our second Great Home Ed Bake Off.
May – Treasure Trails were our ‘thing’ of the month. It was a busy month for being out, Sam discovered a taste for sushi as we studied Japan, we were in London at the Olympic Park and walking a Jack the Ripper tour, Winchester for Jane Austen exhibition and lots of time with friends at home.
June – Was hot! I think this is the memory of the year, the kids playing in the sprinklers outside the QE2 Centre in 34 degree heat after a trip to Westminster Abbey. We also had an absolutely brilliant if soggy few days in Bristol, a lot of fun with creative writing at home and at a workshop and some fun with catapults at home ed group even if the ammo (marshmallows) melted 🙂
July – the month started with a fabulous day out at the British Library, a day out on the Watercress Line to round off our Victorian project and some tie dye at home ed group. Half the month was spent in Pembrokeshire.
August – the month was spent quietly chilling as a family, this is a day out with Grandad at Little Woodham.
September – marked a big shift in how we work at home becoming much more curriculum focused, Saxons were the main theme and we took trips to Romsey Abbey and Butser Farm and had a workshop at the hall. Fun was also had with a block of Lego Robotics sessions.
October – We marked the move from Saxons to Normans in our studies with a brilliant few days in Hastings and Battle. Productive time at home. We also managed a trip to Winchester for an Alfred the Great workshop and the History of Magic exhibition at the British Library and some Halloween fun with friends.
November – illness was definitely slowing us down but we had a trip to the Tower of London and some days with friends at a new park. Lots of reading and documentary watching and plodding on with stuff really.
December – there was a definite fizzling out as the year drew to a close but we had some lovely times with friends. A trip to the Globe and Tate, the Festival of Christmas, a chocolate session and some lovely Christmas wreath making as well as Christmas shopping with friends, a trip to Santa with some younger friends and a family panto trip followed by a lovely relaxed Christmas.

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